Here are some of the problems with the work that was carried out,
initially there was confuson with start dates, but our main goal was if started, then our inside work needed to be finished before christmas.
which was agreed on.. now we are not unreasonable, we understand we where going to have disruptions and problems etc, as it was majot works BUT...

From the off the electricians were unable to extend wires on light switches as they were "unable to do dimmers" which when they tried to wire the faceplates back on, they caused them to break.
They also, it appeared, used all the same coloured wires, so its not surprising they blew them up ! So after speaking to them and them telling us they where unable to help, he did come back to change the wires to reflect the original. (well one of them!)
So not a good start we thought.!
Once the workmen started stripping the wall, they realised the plug socket the electricians had extended also wasn't working. This was never fixed which resulted in the electric boxes not being plastered in or positioned correctly.

ok now these are all pictures of how they had left it as of 21december,
first is a Picture of how they left the plug socket , remember also not actually working...


and the not working dimmer facplate, also just as bad...


The painting was just hideous, the amount of paint everywhere, on adjacent walls, the window frames, window and CARPET; the quality was as bad, they left wet brushes and rolls out when they left too. (not good when you have cats and toddlers around!
the Gloss was patchy and bobbly/hairy, along with the areas around window and door frames where it hadnt dried properly before painting !.

raglan1.jpg raglan1.jpg raglan1.jpg

Carpet - Not just paint onthe carpet they rolled it up to and then flattened it with their equipment etc. they removed the grippers and had binned them. They made no attempt to trim carpet down.
and because they left the underlay down with no coverings while working, its now in a terrible state, covered in plaster, paint and dust etc.

raglan1.jpg raglan1.jpg raglan1.jpg

As a result of the lack of care and communication and how close it was to Christmas, as it was now the 21st, midday, unable to contact anyone, and no one showing up,
we felt we had to finish the room ourselves, as so our children could have their decorations up and use the room for Christmas day.

We had to clean and tidy, repaint the main wall ( original colour), repaint both adjacent walls as paint and plaster had travelled so far.
Fix all the electrics, that is attend to the double socket not working and buy and fit new dimmer switches.
Space out the plug socket so it would actually fit in the wall and fill round. Sand down and repaint gloss work. Attach the curtain rail. (find) repurpose the old carpet grippers then resize and relay carpet.
Make good and remove paint stains from carpet. this of course wasnt just a simple days work, and was done on our holiday, when we expected and was told it would all be done and ready....


Outside seemed to have been less problematic but as discussed, it appears among chipping the corners off a few tiles, one (later to find 3) of the top tiles has cracked across horizontally under the deal board.

  plus having to hassle many people to get the aerial moved over to adjacent wall (as green arrow) so as not to cause render cracking problems, after somehow it was not done the first time, then totally overlooked...


also the day before the scaffolding was to come down, havng a little look around, found not only had they Not actually fixed tiles like they said they already had done so, found they had actually broken three of them ! .and also the flashing was now hanging out,
so after trying to contact someone to confirm the issues would be sorted before scaffold dismantling.. and couldnt, i sorted out the flashing. with no time left for the tiles, was hoping to conact someone during day, if not catch scaffolders in progress...
but missed them (as they cam in the hour we was doing a school run ! )...


after couple of attempts, they tiles are now replaced with our OWN privided tiles ! ..
so whats left now is dead grass, after they had left surplus materials onsite for far too long (this was reported) ..
of which doesnt need to be highlighted the region that im refering to ! ...
(and this is after couple of weeks grace for "recovery" ...